Culture&Education library

This table enlists all of the books that are in the possession of the Culture & Education research group. Click on the table headers to sort the list.

Cover ISBN Author Title Comment
9780521659697 Abbott, H. Porter Cambridge introduction to narrative, The Geert
9789031318124 Anderson, Benedict Imagined Communities Joachim
9780826439512 Arp, Robert Critical Thinking Joachim
9780718500832 Ashley, Bob Reading Popular Narrative Geert
9781557987914 Association, American Psychological Publication manual of the American Psychological Association Geert
9780719074011 Atkins, Barry Videogame, Player, Text Jeroen
9780415615570 Atkinson, Paul Ethnographical Imagination, The Joachim
9780521544924 Barton, David Beyond Communities Of Practice Joachim
9780262524872 Bennett, W. Lance Unit Operations Joachim
9780230224544 Bitchener, John Writing an Applied Linguistics Thesis Or Dissertation Geert
9780262014878 Bogost, Ian Newsgames Jeroen
9780262025997 Bogost, Ian Unit operations Jeroen
9780826480378 Booker, Christopher Seven Basic Plots, The Geert
9780520062108 Booth, Wayne C. Company We Keep, The Geert
9780226065663 Booth, Wayne G. Craft of Research, Third Edition, The Geert
9780745644950 Briggs, Asa Social History Of The Media Joachim
9780805858297 Brougere, Gilles Toys, Games and Media Jeroen
9780765619976 Brown, Harry J. Videogames and Education Jeroen
9781578517084 Brown, John Seely Social Life Of Information, The Geert
9780745638812 Buckingham, David Beyond technology Jeroen
9780262524834 Buckingham, David Youth, Identity, And Digital Media Joachim
9780745634012 Burn, Andrew Computer Games Jeroen
9780805841046 Byrne, Barbara M. Structural equation modeling with AMOS Jeroen
9780801491863 Chatman, Seymour Benjamin Story and discourse Geert
9780787972769 Clandinin, D. Jean Narrative Inquiry Geert
9780335207916 Clough, Peter Narratives and fictions in educational research Geert
9780415212632 Cobley, Paul Narrative Geert
9781932360578 Compton, Shanna Gamers Jeroen
9780262513289 Consalvo, Mia Cheating Jeroen
9781850009634 Cortazzi, Martin Narrative analysis Geert
9781405141543 David, Herman, Basic elements of narrative Geert
9780761914334 Denzin, Norman K. landscape of qualitative research, The Geert
9780761914341 Denzin, Norman K. Collecting and interpreting qualitative materials Geert
9781451611052 Dignan, Aaron Game frame Jeroen
9780226169538 Dumont, Louis German ideology Geert
9780226190327 Egan, Kieran Teaching as story telling Geert
9780226190396 Egan, Kieran Educated Mind, The Joachim
9780826497475 Egenfeldt-nielsen, Simon Educational Potential of Computer Games Jeroen
Ellington, Henry Using Games and Simulations in the Classroom Jeroen
9780198238683 Emmott, Catherine Narrative Comprehension Geert
9781599048086 Ferdig, Richard E. Handbook of research on effective electronic gaming in education Jeroen
9780415450300 Fludernik, Monika Introduction to Narratology, An Geert
9781577663188 Foss, Sonja K. Rhetorical criticism Jeroen
9780415575645 Fuller, Alison Rethinking Widening Participation In Higher Education Joachim
9780521617420 Fulton, Helen Narrative and media Geert
9780816648511 Galloway, Alexander R. Gaming Joachim
9780262572330 Galloway, Alexander R. Protocol Joachim
9780786428229 Garrelts, Nate Meaning And Culture of Grand Theft Auto Jeroen
9780745650029 Gauntlett, David Making Is Connecting Joachim
9780820497037 Gee, James Paul Good Video Games and Good Learning Jeroen
9780801492594 Genette, Gérard Narrative Discourse Geert
9780471249528 Gilster, Paul Digital Literacy Joachim
9780375423727 Gleick, James Author Joachim
9780268029746 Gregory, Marshall W. Shaped by stories Geert
9781412952194 Gubrium, Jaber F. Analyzing narrative reality Geert
9781593110147 Hancock, Gregory R. Structural equation modeling Jeroen
9781603290814 Herman, David Teaching Narrative Theory Geert
9780521673662 Herman, David Cambridge Companion to Narrative, The Geert
9780814250242 Herman, David Narratologies Geert
9780803273429 Herman, David Story logic Geert
9781575864686 Herman, David Narrative Theory and the Cognitive Sciences Geert
9780803273498 Herman, Luc Handbook of narrative analysis Geert
9781845200855 Hine, Christine Virtual Methods Joachim
9780761958963 Hine, Christine Virtual Ethnography Joachim
9780805832198 Hox, Joop J. Multilevel analysis Jeroen
9780028646633 Jonassen, David H. Handbook of Educational Research, The Jeroen
9780415960564 Jones, Steven Meaning of Video Games, The Jeroen
9780262101103 Juul, Jesper Half-real Jeroen
9780415247986 Kearney, Richard On stories Geert
9780333960974 Keen, Suzanne Narrative form Geert
9789038210711 Keunen, Bart Verhaal en verbeelding Geert
9038207387 Keunen, Bart Tijd voor een verhaal Geert
9781932111972 Koster, Raph Theory of Fun for Game Design Jeroen
9781848606456 Kozinets, Robert V. Netnography Joachim
9780333658727 Lacey, Nick Narrative and genre Geert
9780262026147 Lievrouw, Leah A. Handbook of New Media Jeroen
9781405131124 Lilienfeld, Scott O. 50 great myths of popular psychology Jeroen
9780761914358 Lincoln, Yvonna S. Strategies of Qualitative Inquiry Geert
9783825806224 Maintz, Julia Blending Spaces Joachim
9780262632553 Manovich, Lev Language Of New Media, The Joachim
9780761966197 Marsh, Jackie Literacy And Popular Culture Joachim
9780817354206 McAllister, Ken S. Game Work Jeroen
9780415253970 McLuhan, Marshal Understanding Media Jeroen
9780415205337 McQuillan, Martin narrative reader, The Geert
9780195042313 Meyrowitz, Joshua No Sense Of Place Joachim
9780470723104 Mileham, Rebecca Powering up Jeroen
9780262141017 Nitsche, Michael Video game spaces Jeroen
9780762302642 Pailliotet, Ann Watts Reconceptualizing Literacy In The Media Age Joachim
9780335223664 Pallant, Julie SPSS Survival Manual Jeroen
9781849960465 Peachey, Anna Researching Learning In Virtual Worlds Joachim
9780805820423 Petraglia, Joseph Reality By Design Joachim
9780791458105 Petraglia, Joseph Realms Of Rhetoric, The Joachim
9783631600313 Pierson, Jo New Media Technologies And User Empowerment Joachim
9780803980563 Potter, Jonathan Discourse And Social Psychology Joachim
9780803287761 Prince, Gerald dictionary of narratology, A Geert
9780761944171 Punch, Keith F. Introduction To Social Research Joachim
9780803947542 Riessman, Catherine K. Narrative analysis Geert
9780415775120 Ryan, Marie-Laure Routledge encyclopedia of narrative theory Geert
9780803289932 Ryan, Marie-Laure Narrative across media Geert
9780262195362 Salen, Katie Game Design Reader, The Jeroen
9780415881746 Salmon, Gilly E-Moderating Joachim
9780415801270 Sandlin, Jennifer A. Handbook Of Public Pedagogy Joachim
9780810113138 Schank, Roger C. Tell me a story Geert
9780631205968 Schiffrin, Deborah handbook of discourse analysis, The
9781857288575 Sefton-Green Digital diversions Jeroen
9780809325511 Selber, Stuart A. Multiliteracies For A Digital Age Joachim
9780262012652 Sicart, Miguel ethics of computer games, The Jeroen
9780415174657 Snyder, Ilana Page to screen Jeroen
9781118003763 Solis, Brian Engage! Joachim
9780807751985 Squire, Kurt Video games and learning Jeroen
9780070633612 Tapscott, Don Growing Up Digital Joachim
9781402059193 Taylor, Peter Charles Contemporary qualitative research Geert
9780745610054 Thompson, John B. Media And Modernity Joachim
9780199795444 Thurlow, Crispin Digital Discourse Joachim
9780749425661 Tindale, Christopher W. Rhetorical argumentation Jeroen
9780521603065 Tindale, Christopher William Fallacies and argument appraisal Jeroen
9781617354083 Tobias, Sigmund Computer Games And Instruction Geert
9781873927601 Trahar, Sheila Narrative Research on Learning Geert
9789079806034 Vandewijer, I. Storytelling Geert
9780814210697 Walsh, Richard rhetoric of fictionality, The Geert
9780262232272 Wardrip-Fruin, Noah New Media Reader Jeroen
9780262083560 Wardrip-Fruin, Noah Second person Jeroen
9780415379069 Webster/Mertova Using narrative inquiry as a research method Geert
9781400065868 Weinstein, Arnold Morning, noon &; night Geert
9781849666176 Weller, Martin Digital Scholar, The Joachim
9780415423588 Winch, Peter idea of a social science and its relation to philosophy, The Geert
9781578860333 Withrow, Frank B. Literacy in the digital age Jeroen
9780557277919 Zagal, Jose P. Ludoliteracy Jeroen