An De bisschop

Photo of An De bisschop

I obtained a Masters Degree (2002) and Phd (2009) in Educational Sciences at Ghent University. My phd ‘Community arts as a discursive construction’ is a discourse analysis of community arts practices represented in policy and press discourse in Flanders (Belgium) and the Western Cape (South Africa). I published articles on both methodology of research and on community arts as a topic, a.o. articles in Toward quality improvement of Action Research: Developing ethics and standards, Sense Publishers: Rotterdam (2008), Schulpraxis erforschen: Praxisforschung aus nationaler und internationaler Perspektive, Bad Heilbrunn: Klinckhardt (2008), Community Arts. The Politics of Trespassing, Valiz: Amsterdam (2011), CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, Vol. 13, Issue 4.

After my Phd I was for 5 years (2010-2015) director of Demos, a Flemish knowledge centre doing research and supporting practices on topics such as community arts, cultural participation of disadvantaged groups, the arts in a superdiverse society, etc.

Currently I am Chair of the Teacher Training Committee at the School of Arts-Royal Conservatory Ghent. I also teach courses on community arts and arts education.

My main fields of interest, for both research and teaching, are community arts and participatory arts, arts education, and teacher training. Methodologically I am specialised in discourse analysis, because I strongly believe one of the most interesting ways of understanding ‘reality’ is studying the narratives people use to give meaning to the world.