Hari Prasad A. Sacré

Photo of Hari Prasad A. Sacré


In my PhD research I study how content, functions and hi-er-x-stories of cultural literacies operate as signifiers in today's society. I tap into cultural studies, decolonial, intersectional, feminist, educational and rhetorical theories to gain a better understanding of how art practices, art curricula and art policies negotiate valuable knowledge production. My work engages with a stream of epistemologies that often remain invisible from a Eurocentric perspective.


I joined the research group after being professionally involved in Belgian performing arts and art education. I will develop knowledge in dialogue with the arts field where I am still affiliated to several initiatives [Citylab Pianofabrieki; For All Queensi; Etceterai; A cultured Leftfooti] that amplify ongoing conversations on cultural knowledge in the arts. I have a background in Cultural Studies (KU Leuven), Art Education (Via University Denmark) and Social Work (Hogeschool Gent).

i Creative arts incubator for emerging narratives in performing arts and audiovisual storytelling.
ii Queer arts collective that promotes ballroom culture in Belgium.
iii Flemish performing arts magazine.
iv Art company that produces the work of Ahilan Ratnamohan and star boy collective.