Joachim Vlieghe

Photo of Joachim Vlieghe In 2011 I started my PhD-research which focuses on emerging, converging and transforming forms of literacy in social media environments. Based on several case-studies I explore the phenomenon of social reading from different perspectives within the literary and social media system.

Based on my exploration of social reading I will present a descriptive overview of literacies required to participate fully in cultural activity mediated through social media platforms. In addition, I will also present a method for exploring the implications of media developments on literacies and literacy development which I am refining throughout the different case-studies.

  1. "Rhetorical analysis of literary culture in Social Reading Platforms" (In-Review)
    focus on developers
  2. "GoodReads for education? Teachers' perspectives on Social Reading" (work in progress - collaboration with UGent Teacher Training Program)
    focus on mediators
  3. "Twitter, the most brilliant tough love editor you’ll ever have. Literary Literacies, Social Reading and the Twitter Fiction Festival" (work in progress - collaboration with dr. Kelly Page, Columbia College)
    focus on producers
  4. *** (project in development - collaboration with Jaël Muls, UGent and Rune Buerman, Stichting Lezen)
    focus on recipients

My research is part of an interdisciplinary project entitled: User Empowerment in a Social Media Culture (EMSOC). The goal of EMSOC is "to critically assess the belief of the user being empowered in a social media culture. The research is structured according to three main areas of interest in society where user (dis)empowerment is taking place related to social computing: inclusion, literacy and privacy" (note: citation taken from the project website).

Nearly all of my work is documented and portrayed on a public research blog. The blog is freely accessible via Tumblr.


Research interest: literacies, social media, literature and cultural participation.