Culture & Education Research Interests

The research group Culture & Education (C&E) is part of the Department of Educational Studies of Ghent University.

The major areas of research are language, communication, culture, rhetoric, narratives and media. The focus is on qualitative research (ethnography, rhetorical and discourse analysis, narratology) and embedded in interdisciplinary fields of scholarship such as cultural studies and rhetorical studies.

The research group has been involved in various research projects focusing on new perspectives on education, literacy and culture, ranging from the introduction of digital media in teacher training (European Union, DG XIII) to mapping out new trends in reading cultures (Nederlandse Taalunie). Furthermore, C&E is partner in different research projects on film (Association UGent project on school film), literature (Project for the Flemish Government "Boek versus blog"), video games (viWTA project on games and learning, Onderwijs Bewijs Nederland project on games and civic education), cultural heritage (AUGent project "Artatouille") and social media culture (IWT/SBO "EMSOC" project on user empowerment).

Members of Culture & Education have been involved in different national and international conferences. The research group organized a conference on culture, media and education (Ghent, February 2010) and a conference on the future of education (Ghent, March 2010). Culture & Education has organized the international AILA Literacy conference Multiliteracies and the Contact Zone (Ghent, September 2003), and the first international Summer Institute for the Association for Cultural Studies on Critical Literacies (Ghent, July 2011). The group co-organized the Rhetoric in Society III conference (Antwerp, January 2010) and an international conference on Literacy, Culture and Education (Ghent, February 2012).

The research group has been involved in international networks such as AILA Literacy, Action Research Network, Rhetoric Society of America, Rhetoric Society of Europe, Association for Cultural Studies, Semiotics and Education Network and Digital Games Research Association Flanders.

Culture & Education provides courses in Educational Sciences, Social Work and Teacher Education.